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Ocean City Md Wine Bar & Bistro Restaurant Liquid Assets

Just about every seafood joint up and down the coast has their own renditions of crab soup, but it’s not often you find a cream of soft shell crab soup on the menu. At Jules, each spoonful yields chuncks of fried Smith Island soft shell crab and lump blue crabmeat. Nage initially caught our attention with their farm-o-table specials. Every Thursday, Nage feature a Farm to Table series highlighting a different local, sustainable, and organic famer. It came as no surprise then when we heard mentions of a killer soft shell dish on special at the Rehoboth bistro and wine bar last year.

Some of their dishes have won a lot of awards, especially their timballo, a lasagne-inspired dish seasoning with minced beef, veal and pork pieces, and gnocchi. The branch has even extended to areas like Washington DC, Baltimore, and The Atlantic city for its delicious cuisine and exotic take on various seafood dishes. The Phillip’s Crab Shack restaurant has been continuing its legacy for almost 50 years in providing the best exotic seafood options that have gained prominence globally. It’s one of the coolest places to eat in the city as it not only features favorite snack options but also has a luxurious taste to its dishes.

Ocean Bites Boardwalk, Pizzas, Subs

If you prefer hotels, you don’t need to worry as there are many hotel options along this quieter stretch of Ocean City from 62nd Street to the Delaware line as well. The largest oceanfront hotels are destinations in themselves. The Clarion Fontainebleau Resort Hotel owns their own beach so they can serve drinks as you lounge in the sand.

  • The imperial chicken consists of two chicken breasts with seasoned provolone, a crab dip, veggies, and squashed potatoes.
  • North Ocean City is known as “condo row” because there are so many large condo buildings above the Route 90 bridge.
  • One of the most unbelievable aspects of this restaurant is its use of global favors ad international ingredients in its dishes for a flavourful taste.
  • The place has a very unique vibe to it in a good sense as every time at straight 8 o’clock, it introduces the chefs and also turns on Michael Jackson music in the restaurant.

It had Spice Liqueur, Fireball Whiskey, Cream, and 43. We ordered the Salted Roasted Beets and Caramelized Pear Salad with Point Reyes blue cheese and coriander dusted pepitas. The cheese melted in your mouth and I always order beets when found on the menu. Coming out of this Kitchen Bar were delicious looking Tuna Crisps…rare ahi, crispy wontons, Kimchee, seaweed salad and wasabi cream. We use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the best possible web experience. But you really can’t go wrong with anything.

Liquid Assets

When comparing Ocean City’s restaurants, you’ll have to take a few considerations in mind. It is an omelet filled with fresh strawberries, brown sugar, and cream cheese, topped with powdered sugar and more strawberries. Sample a house specialty by ordering the Strawberry Blintz for breakfast.

6600 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842A good authentic Italian restaurant, sports bar and bakery combined. If you’re there during holidays or weekends plan a… 4204 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842Had a great late lunch. My husband and I shared the blue crab special, spice shrimp, sides of hush puppies and cole slaw. 12919 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842The food was really great.

Spain Wine Bar

The Trattoria Lombardi’s Restaurant is not only a sophisticated diner but is also a pizzeria that specializes in providing an Italian twist to its dishes. The Cobb is a salad infused with avocados, roasted chicken, ranch topping, bleu cheese crumbles, juicy bacon, diced cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. Ocean City Md Wine Bar & Bistro Restaurant Liquid Assets Continuing its legacy since 1976, this family-owned restaurant has passed its recipes from generation to generation and is a local hub spot for serving the nicest organic cuisine. So, if you want to visit a restaurant which sells refreshing food, then going to this place won’t disappoint you.

  • This dining room is probably more conducive to quiet conversation.
  • For the finicky wine drinker, peruse the extensive wine list, or better yet, pick your poison from the seemingly endless number of wine bottles lining the walls.
  • No problem, just take a walk around the shop, pick out a bottle, and enjoy it at the bar.
  • If you are craving some exotic seafood cuisine, then heading to this place won’t disappoint you, especially their crab plates.

It also has a very relaxed ambiance with an open patio, live music performances, and beautiful waterfront views to enjoy. If you want to try the restaurant’s special, order their Dragon and Phoenix. It was recently inaugurated in 2010 and is considered to be one of the best places to visit if you want to try some authentic Japanese cuisine. It also uses organic ingredients to prepare its dishes, making them healthy and fruitful. The interior of this restaurant is lovely, with great emphasis on color elements, vibrant cocktails, and excellent presentation details for an enticing effect.

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